Saturday, December 08, 2012

On This Day : December 8

1673 - John FIELD born in Deerfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.  John was the son of Zechariah FIELD and Sarah WEBB.  John was my 8x-great grandfather.

1684 - William PRICHARD born in Suffield, Connecticut.  William was the son of William PRICHARD and Elizabeth ALLEN.

1717 - Thomas PIERCE died in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  Thomas was the son of Thomas PIERCE and Elizabeth COLE.

1737 - Thomas William DAVIS married Tacy CRANDALL in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Thomas was the son of John DAVIS and Elizabeth MAXSON.  Tacy was the daughter of John F. CRANDALL and Mary ________.  They were my 6x-great grandparents.

1776 - Rebecca HAINES born in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Rebecca was the daughter of Robert HAINES and Rachel VENICOMB.

1787 - John RAINS born. John was the son of Anthony RAINS and Nancy GRAHAM.

1791 - John BOND married Mary HUFF.  John was the son of Edward BOND and Elizabeth Ann MILLS.

1802 - Andrew CHEW born in Virginia.  Andrew was the son of Joseph CHEW and Elizabeth THOMAS.

1823 - John MILLER born in York County, Pennsylvania.  John was the son of George MILLER and Catherine PETRY.

1824 - Elizabeth LEWIS born in Montgomery County, Ohio.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Nathaniel LEWIS and Nancy Ann SNIDER.

1825 - John PHILBRICK died.  John was the son of John PHILBRICK and Sally JEWETT.

1828 - John M. SWAFFORD born in Tennessee.  John was the son of Howard SWAFFORD and Nancy NARRMORE.

1834 - Kirts MAXSON born in Harrison County, Ohio.  Kirts was the son of William MAXSON and Delilah BOWLAND.

1841 - Harriett Newell CAMPBELL born.  Harriett was the daughter of James McPheeters CAMPBELL and Betsey G. BROWN.

1849 - Mary Jane KING born in Orestes, Madison County, Indiana.  Mary was the daughter of Daniel KING and Elizabeth SHAW.

1867 - Mary Ann HALEY married William F. METZNER in Jay County, Indiana.  Mary was the daughter of Sebastian HALEY and Lydia A. RADER.

1874 - Katherine BEALS died.  Katherine was the daughter of Daniel BEALS and Susanna JACKSON.

1883 - Clifford Lee HINDS born.  Clifford was the son of Peter Horry HINDS and Rachel Brown LEE.

1894 - Walter Main GROENENDYKE born in Liberty Township, Darke County, Ohio.  Walter was the son of Perry D. GROENENDYKE and Eva OWENS.

1923 - John Nelson LAMBERTSON died in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio.  John was the son of Nelson J. LAMBERTSON and Eliza Jane JOHNSON.

1949 - Florinda NAIL died in Pikeville, Tennessee.  Florinda was the daughter of Aaron SWAFFORD and Eliza Jane TAYLOR.

1952 - William ALDERMAN died in New Glarus, Wisconsin.  William was the son of James William ALDERMAN and Mary Emeline KIMBRO.

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