Friday, April 19, 2013

Postcard Friday : Union is strength - Let's stick together!

Fort Recovery, Ohio
March 8, 1912

Miss Vera Haley
Portland, Ind..

March 7, 1912

Dear friend -

How are you?  I am feeling fine.  Received your card at noon.  I was out at the spelling school last night, had a good time.  This is a bad day.  I am here by my self now.  Earl went down to his grandma's for supper so I am left alone for supper.  I suppose you are wondering what I am going to have.  Eggs and bannas for supper.  I had cheese and crackers for dinner.  Just talked to Jesse N.  He said he saw you last night.

Your friend,


This postcard was part of the collection of my paternal great-uncle and aunt, Clarence and Vera (Haley) Stuber.  

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