Friday, May 31, 2013

Postcard : Riding the Surf at Hollywood Beach, Florida

Hollywood, Florida
January 27, 1941

Mrs. Virgil Wright
Alexandria, Ind.
# 2

This is Mon. Jan. 27th we are here in a trailer camp at Hollywood Fla.  This card shows the picture of a lovely hotel on the ocean.  We are near or behind it to the beach.  We took the car and went to Miami and Coral Gables yesterday.  If you think pictures flatter you are wrong.  Wonder if your dad ever came here.  It was lovely yesterday we want to spend to-day in the sunshine.  We are near an airport you know they guard the ocean bank here.  Large boats and a dog race track. Ha!  Takes until about nine for the sun to get out some days.  The water and sun in warm.   Intend to put on Toots bathing suit to-day.  Hope every one is as usual.  Seems bad to think of the miles between.  Think we will be home at least by Sun. or soon. (We are staying another day here)  Love. Eva.

This postcard was address to my maternal great-grandmother, Edna Muriel (Pierce) Wright (1897-1968).  I do not know who the sender was.  Interestingly, she mentions my 2g-grandfather going to Florida.

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