Sunday, July 28, 2013

Webster Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio

Back on July 8th, while on vacation, I managed to slip over into Darke County, Ohio and work in a little genealogy research.  The Darke County Visitors Bureau puts out an excellent map of the county, including townships, and the locations of cemeteries.  While we were driving around, I decided to see if I could locate the Webster Cemetery in Allen Township where some of my relatives were buried.  According to the sign, this cemetery was established in 1842.

Sadly, this cemetery is in need of some repair.  Many of the tombstones were knocked over.   The cemetery is right on the corner of the county road and corn fields.  Unfortunately, I didn't have materials I needed to make a rubbing of some of these tombstones, as it was hard to read the inscriptions regarding "years, months and days" on the children.  

Edward Chew (1870-1870) was the son of Nathaniel Durbin and Margaret H. (Heistand) Chew.  The tombstone reads "Edward, son of N.D. and Maggie Chew died January 27, 1870." It appears that his tombstone says aged 1 day.  Also inscribed is the phrase "blossomed on earth to bloom in heaven."

Phillip D. Lemasters (1869-1869) was the son of Luman Walker and Mary Keziah (Chew) Lemasters.   The tombstone reads "Phillip D. son of L.W. and M.K. Lemasters died May 1, 1869."  I cannot make out the number of months and days.

Rev. Nathaniel Chew (1786-1866) was the son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Springer) Chew.  He was my 4th-great grandfather.  His tombstone reads "Rev. Nathaniel Chew born in Gloucester Co. N.J. Nov. 10 1786 died Jan. 24 1866 Aged 79 Y 2 M 14 D."  Now for some reason, I have him dying in Mahaska County, Iowa - where several Chews had settled, but I sincerely doubt they would have transported him back to Ohio for burial.  More investigation needs to be done on this.

Mary E. Chew (1868-1869) was the daughter of Abel Woolston and Salome H. (Holdeman) Chew.  Her tombstone reads "Mary E. dau. of A.W. and S.H. Chew died Sept. 3 1869 aged 1 Y 5 M 21 D."

Caroline Bishop (Woolston) Chew was the daughter of Abel B. and Rachel (Woolston) Woolston.  She was my 3rd-great grandmother.  Her tombstone reads "Caroline B. wife of Dr. E.C. Chew died Feb. 27 1879."  I was unable to read the aged remarks without a rubbing.

All of these tombstones were together in one section, probably a family plot since they were related and all died within a ten year period.  They were all lined up in a neat little row.

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