Sunday, January 19, 2014

John Wright Family Group Sheet, Brown County, Ohio

This family group sheet of John Wright was obtained from the Brown County, Ohio Genealogical Society.  The chart is for the family of my maternal 6th-great grandparents.

The chart was created by Margaret Burbage of Bethel, Ohio - right in the backyard of where my Brown County Wrights settled.  Interesting to me are the sources that are cited, though sadly each fact itself is not documented.  Sources such as the Bible record of George and Elizabeth Wright.

John's wife is named as Sarah Fleming - a surname I have from other researchers, though I've yet find an actual marriage record that gives her maiden name.  This family group sheet lists no biographical data for Sarah.

The family group sheet didn't list John's birth, which occurred before April 13, 1755, when he was baptized in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  It does, however, list his date of death as October 15, 1801, without reference to place.  My database shows the date as October 15, 1810 in Clermont County, Ohio, without a source.  Another researcher gave me information that stated John died October 15, 1801 in Brown County, Ohio.  Brown County didn't exist at that time, it would have been Clermont County, Northwest Territory.

The children listed on this family group sheet match up with what I have in my database.  Quite likely that the early information I input into my database came from someone who had seen this family group sheet or the original Bible record, which is where I am assuming the lists of birthdates for the children is coming from.

While not a definitive source, this family group sheet will give me a source starting point, something to document some facts in my database, so I don't spend time trying to figure out why I have so-and-so listed with a certain birthdate, etc.

I have additional Wright information from the Brown County Genealogical Society to work through and more research on site to be done in the future.

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