Sunday, February 02, 2014

Jumping Into the Genealogy DNA waters

Just finished completing a DNA sample to be sent in for testing with 23andMe.

The kit was a present from genea-Santa this past December.  For the past few years, I've debated joining the crowds of people who've combined DNA testing with their genealogical research.  With this Christmas present from myself to me and my wife, I can finally join in the fun.  

There are several different groups doing DNA testing, and I decided on 23andMe prior to the recent issues with the FDA.  In fact, I placed my order within a day or two of the announcement, and received an email from the company telling me that I could have my money back if I wanted.  Since I'm more interested in the genealogical data rather than the health information, I decided to keep the two kits I had purchased wrapped up underneath the tree.

I'm hoping that this testing will provide some clues on my genetic ancestry as well as Eileen's.  An overview of the service is explained here.

While most of my "paper trail" genealogy is fairly well traced, being mostly German or English,  I do have a maternal great-grandmother who was illegitimate.  Her ancestry is probably where I get the dark eyes, hair and complexion common to her descendants.  If I would venture to guess, I'm thinking there is some Italian in the line, though I'm ready to be surprised.

Same with Eileen's "paper trail" genealogy - a lot of German and English origins.  However, there is the tradition of Indian blood that she would like to have verified.  Though I'm suspicious this tradition, based on the records, DNA research should at least provide some clues.

I'm eagerly anticipating the results of this service and can't wait to see if I connect to other cousins.

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