Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gedmatch Cousin : Distant Match but no shared DNA

Cousin Dave reached out to me after seeing a match with the GEDCOM file I had posted at  Though we are not closely related, and shared no DNA, I found it interesting to make another connection.

Dave and I are 9th cousins once removed on the Jewett and Parratt lines. Ezekiel Jewett (1643-1723) and Faith Parrat are my paternal 9th great-grandparents and Dave's 8th great-grandparents.  My line is as follows:

Ezekiel Jewett (1643-1723) and Faith Parrat

Francis Jewett (1665-1751) and Sarah Hardy (1673-????)

Samuel Jewett (1694-????) and Ruth Hardy (1699-1737)

Samuel Jewett (1725-1791) and Sarah ________

Sally Jewett (1749-????) and John Philbrick (1748-1840)
Joel Philbrick (1781-1846) and Sally Fox (1788-1868)

Emeline Philbrick (1817-1881) and Albert Moulton (1819-1864)

Clara Moulton (1843-1899) and John Adam Metzner (1840-1895)

Cora Belle Metzner (1868-1955) and Eli Weldon Haley (1866-1957)
(my paternal great-grandparents)

Dave and I also connect as 9th cousins twice removed. on the Spofford and Burpbee lines.  Samuel Spofford (1653-1744) and Sarah Burpbee (1660-1729) are my maternal 9th great-grandparents and Sarah is the child of Dave's 8th great-grandparents. My line is as follows:

Samuel Spofford (1653-1744) and Sarah Burpbee
Thomas Spofford (1678-????) and Bethiah Hazeltine (1682-????)
 Elizabeth Spofford (1715-1772) and Bennett Field (1709-1770)

Bethiah Field (1746-1807) and Seth Pierce (1744-1835)

Gordon Pierce (1773-1875) and Thirsa Smalley (1775-1861)

Francis S. Pierce (1806-1881) and Rebecca Page (1806-1893)

Edmund G. Pierce (1837-1875) and Catherine Groenendyke (1843-1913)
William Francis Pierce (1865-1950) and Clara A. Penisten (1869-1906)

Edna Muriel Pierce (1897-1968) and Virgil Lee Wright (1894-1972)
(my maternal great-grandparents)
Both sets of these families were early settlers of Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.  

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