Friday, October 31, 2014

Adam Metzner on Dead-Letter List, 1889

Portland, Indiana Commercial
November 21, 1889, page 4

Unclaimed Letters.

List of unclaimed letters remaining in the post office at Portland, Ind., Nov. 16th, 1889:

M N Allison
Lewis Beard
Mr. William Barrans
D H Chalfant
A F Clapp
Mr J McCrandals
Julia Engle
A R Finch
G T Grimnell
Clarence Hilton
C M McGregory
C D Moore
M M Luse
Frank Shafer
Silas A Smith
Mr J C Willer
J A Bickel
Mr Levi Bennet
G R Bassett
Hale Clapp
Miss Minnie Cline
Levid Elexandery
Miss Jennie Fowel
Albert Fancher (2)
M Huntwork
John Moore
Adam Metzner
M John Porter
Wm H Shafer
Mrs Nancy Smith
Miss Flora Teagle (2)
Mr S H Williams
Andrew Barnett

E.J. Marsh, P.M.

My paternal 2nd-great grandfather, John Adam Metzner (1840-1895) was on the dead-letter list of the Portland, Indiana post office back in 1889.  I don't recognize any other family members on this list.

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