Tuesday, December 23, 2014

He Left Town in A Hurry

Looks like I found more details on the alleged embezzler, James Orcutt (1865-1925), my paternal 2nd-great uncle via his marriage to Samantha E. Metzner (1857-1890) in the Farmland Enterprise.  Farmland is in Randolph County, Indiana, just south of Jay County.  Looks like after Samantha's death, James went into a bit of a tailspin.

James Orcutt, timber buyer, who disappeared suddenly from Portland, is said to be a defaulter for a large amount.  Several creditors are regretting his flight.  Among the reported losers are John Ebert, $200; Fred Bimel, $250; William Humphrey, $300, D.L. Adams & Co., $104; Leonard Franks, $100; Shannon Rhoades $950; and Orcutt's mother, $685.  The People's Bank holds $500 of his paper indorsed [sic] by other parties.  Mr. Orcutt is said to have borrowed money from his neighbors, and to have used his individual credit wherever it was good for a dollar.

Farmland Enterprise, Farmland, Indiana
March 24, 1893, page 4

I'll have some interesting court records to dig into in Jay County when I get a chance.  Even his own mother was left holding the bag.

James married in December of 1893 to Nancy Mayo in Delaware County.

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