Saturday, December 06, 2014

Upgraded to RM7

Christmas came a few days early for me this year, as I downloaded version 7 of the RootsMagic genealogy software.  After watching the YouTube video on What's New in RootsMagic 7, I couldn't wait to try it out and take it for a spin.  I haven't even been using all of the features in RM 6, but am eager to dig into this version right away.

Notice the screen shot above of my database in RM7 and the yellow lightbulbs.  Those are the web hints from both FamilySearch (free site) and MyHeritage (commercial site).  The software API work behind the scenes to check out these databases and show that you have possible matches in the record to the people in your database.  

I'm really impressed with the way technology can be utilized to do the searching in the background for these hints.  Playing around on Saturday morning, I jumped from family to family, seeing what types of hints the software would show me.  I haven't added them to my database yet, but RM7 will allow you to add the sources and images right into your database!  Easy as pie!

I am not a subscriber to MyHeritage, but if I find that the hints are worth it, I may be adding that to my arsenal.  With a free site like FamilySearch having so many records  (and growing all the time), having the software do the hard part of searching will make adding information to my database a snap.

The data clean feature of the software will aid in cleaning up the names and places in my tree by eliminating problems such as invalid characters, same names as spouse, etc.

After watching the video, I'm also looking forward to using the web publishing, a feature from earlier versions I didn't use.  This version looks easy to use, and will allow me to upload and update a family tree easily that can be searched by others. This will be particularly helpful for my DNA matches, many of whom do not have an subscription.

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