Sunday, February 01, 2015

Online Tree Published at MyRootsmagic

I've finally taken advantage of the features in my genealogy software, RootsMagic7, to post an online tree that is available for anyone to view freely, with full access to sources and photos.  The site is online at 

I really like the way the software displays the family records, and the fact that I can quickly view sources.  While I don't have many photos of ancestors and relatives tied into my database yet, I am working to rectify the situation.  The software makes it easy to update and correct information.

I've had a free online tree for years at Rootsweb (database: tjlgenes) and a public tree at  One problem with the tree at is that non-subscribers have issues seeing the tree, and I want to be able to direct my DNA matches to a dynamic, online tree where hopefully they can find the connections between our families.

Currently, I'm working my way through the database, correcting place names and other naming errors, hoping to have a better database.  After that, will be working to make sure all of the facts are sourced, etc.  The work will never be done, but I'm having fun.

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