Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Surprise Party For Virgil Bowers

"Surprise Party," announcement, Alexandria Times-Tribune, 12 September 1913; online images, Newspapers.com (www.newspapers.com : accessed 14 March 2015).


In honor of the thirtieth birthday of Mr. Virgil Bowers a surprise party was given at the home last evening.  Ice cream and cake were served and a most enjoyable evening reported.  The evening was spent in music and games.  Among those present were : Nellie Free, Bertha Allen, Hazel Foland, Mattie Knopps, Lillian Allen, Alice Smith, Frances Wright, Ruth Free, Martha Allen, Mary Moore and Messrs. Charles Sexton, Virgil Wright, James Jarrett, Walter Knopps, Joseph Gaither, Virgil King, Chester Wright, Jesse Fesler, Roscoe Young, Tom Tobin, Arthur Pete, Glen Free, William Knopps, Miles Gooding, Floyd Miller, Virgil Allen, Jesse Gaither, Russell Allen and Mr. and Mrs. John Wright, Mr. and Mrs. George Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Manrig, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Gaither and Mrs. Fae Leach and daughter, Elizabeth.


This newspaper announcement of the surprise birthday party thrown in honor of Virgil Bowers was attended by my maternal 2nd-great grandfather, Virgil Lee Wright (1894-1972), as well as his brother, Chester Arthur Wright (1896-1913) and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John (Ellen King) Wright.  Several other recognizable names in my family history research and locals from the Alexandria area are mentioned.

The Charles Sexton was the future husband of Frances Wright, who also attended the party.  Frances was the daughter of James and Clara (Hicks) Wright, and a first cousin of Virgil Wright.

I'm sure there are some other relatives in this as well, the Virgil King name keeps showing up, and as of yet, I haven't placed him in the family tree.

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