Monday, May 25, 2015

Research Notes : May 25, 2015

Research has been limited lately due to work commitments and working on the getting our house ready for market.  On this Memorial Day weekend, I spent more time outside on yard work and painting than doing much in the way of genealogical research.

  • Explored how RootsMagic and FamilySearch work together by matching up those in my database with individuals already in FamilySearch.  Concentrating on those ancestors within four generations, have been adding to the information at FamilySearch from my RootsMagic database.  It will be interesting to see if by doing this, it generates more contacts and "cousin bait".

  • Over the weekend, I updated how my Dropbox files, primarily family photographs and census images, are named.  My plan is to make sure that I have everything named in a sensible format, and then to make sure that I have taken the time to add these images to my RootsMagic database as well as to the tree I have at Ancestry.

  • While cleaning out my garage and burning some old files (from 2006!), I came across some genealogical correspondence that I had misplaced regarding the Groenendyke and the Lambertson families.  Will be sorting through this hopefully in the next few weeks and adding the information to my database.
Somedays I find I spend more time organizing or cleaning up my database than I do in actually researching.

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Melissa said...

Organizing is such an important part of genealogy. I commend you on your efforts. I wish more genealogist would stop and do some organizing, no telling what they might find!

Melissa Barker, Certified Archivist
Houston County, Tennessee Archivist
Professional Genealogist