Sunday, July 26, 2015

Searching Social Security Applications & Claims Index

Enjoying searching through a new database at, U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 and finding additional clues about members of my family.  Though this is just an index, you can find a lot of clues about your ancestors, including married names of those females members of the family.  This database goes beyond the SSDI and looks at the applications and name changes over the years.

An example of the type of information that you will find is this snippet on my paternal great-granduncle.

Name:Elvin Cooper Lemaster
[Elvin C Lemaster
Birth Date:9 Jul 1912
Birth Place:Salamonia Ja, Indiana
Father Name:Luman C Lemaster
Mother Name:Barbara I Wehrly
Death Date:16 May 2000
Type of Claim:Original SSN.
Notes:Apr 1937: Name listed as ELVIN COOPER LEMASTER; 24 May 2000: Name listed as ELVIN C LEMASTER

From this detail, I have his birth date and place as he filled out the Social Security application, as well as the name of his parents.  The notes section is the most interesting - the date of April 1937 would have been when he applied for his SSN, and the notes also show how at his death there was a name variation in their records.  

This database is too new to suggest hints yet, so I'm searching by surname and location.  In this instance, a search for Lemaster in Jay County, Indiana is giving me hints to any Lemaster who applied from there or listed it as a place on the applciation, and in some cases I've been able to find clues to married names for some of the female members of the family.

The searching is getting quite addictive, and I've been able to add several individuals and birth/death information to my database.

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