Friday, August 14, 2015

Old Cousin Bait is Still Cousin Bait

You never know when "cousin bait" might be effective.  This week I received an email from a fellow Groendyke/Groenendyke researcher that stated the following:

I saw an old sept 15 1998 RootsWeb request from yourself for descendants of James Groenendyke and Barbara Buck . I will not go much further as this was an old request and I do not know if you are still out there.
I'm so glad that I posted to RootsWeb back in 1998 and also glad that this cousin had the persistence to find me and reach out.  Now that we have each other's email addresses, we can begin to share information.

This is a family line that I'm not aware of many others researching, so I'm hopeful that we can expand on each other's research.

Old cousin bait never gets stale, it's like a fine wine, better with age!

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