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Young Family Reunion, 1911

Steuben Republican
Angola, Indiana
August 16, 1911, page 6
Found this mention of the Young family reunion at from 1911. This was the 10th annual reunion of the family.  I recognize many of the names, but there are quite a few that I need to research to see how they fit into the family.


The tenth annual meeting of the Young families was held at the pleasant home of George Straw at Clearlake, Indiana, August 10, 1911.  All nature seemed to aid in the pleasure of the visits, bathing, boating and other sports for the young, and the cheerful greetings of the older ones filled up the forenoon, and in the afternoon business, speeches, etc.  There were six deaths and eight births during last year.  The next reunion will be held at Carey, Ohio, about the 15th of August, 1912.

The following persons gave interesting talks: L.I.C. Young, Rev. Phillip Lemasters, Miles Mulholand, Rev. G.W. Staley, Chauncey Young, Mary J. Young, S.D. Young, L.W. Lemasters, Sarah Staley and J.W. Young.  There were fifty-one who came from a distance: Mrs. Jennie Brown, of Chattanooga, Tenn.; Mrs. Blanche Foster and daughter, of Unity, Maine; S.D. Young and wife, Rev. G.W. Staley and wife, J.W. Young, wife and son. Grant Shaley, wife and daughter, Mrs. Dill and daughter and Bessie Murphy of Anna, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Jas. G. Young and daughter, of Belle Center, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Miles Mulholland and daughter, Mrs. E. Brashears and Mrs. Essie Rangers, of Carey, Ohio; W.F. Huber and wife, V.D. Huber, wife and daughter and son, of Green Springs, Ohio; Mrs. Delilah Young, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Cole and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. James Smith and Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Hutchins, of Fremont, Ohio; Rev. Phillip Lemasters of Spencerville, Ohio; Mrs. Edith Meinholtz and daughter, of Oklahoma; L.W. Lemasters of Jay county, Indiana; Geo. Ralston and family, (by auto) from Sherwood, Michigan.  There were 103 enjoyed a very satisfying dinner of all good things to tickle the pallet, also ice cream and cake at time of dispersing.

Of those listed in this announcement, the L.W. Lemasters listed is my paternal 2nd-great grandfather, Luman Walker Lemasters Jr. (1842-1931), son of Rev. Luman Walker and Nancy (Young) Lemasters.  The Rev. Phillip Lemasters (1836-1915)  listed is his brother.  The Edith Meinholtz of Oklahoma is Edith Mabel (LeMasters) Meinholtz (1879-1949), daughter of Luman Walker and Mary Keziah (Chew) LeMasters.  The daughter mentioned would be Mary Wilhelmina Meinholtz (1911-1935), who had just been born in February of 1911, one of the births mentioned during the year.

The L.I.C. Young who gave a talk was Lewis I. Charles Young (1837-   ) who later wrote a genealogy of the Young family.  He was the son of Charles and Nancy (Scothorn) Young.

The Miles Mulholland who gave a talk was the son of Hugh and Mary (Young) Mulholland.  This Mary Young was the daughter of Phillip and Nancy Ann (McLane) Young.

The members of the Staley family are not yet in my database, but may be descendants of Catherine Young and John Staley.  Catherine (1813-1898) was the daughter of Phillip and Nancy Ann (McLane) Young.

I have a lot more research to do on this rather extensive family, but it was nice to find mention of the attendees at this family reunion.

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