Sunday, October 25, 2015

Goofing with the Grandkids

Time sure does have a way of getting away from you when you least expect it, and all my good intentions of keeping up with blog posts on family history have been for naught.  But life is more than just genealogy, so today I want to share a couple of pictures of the grandkids.

If only they lived closer we could see each other more, but I'm grateful for the time I do have.  Last weekend, Eileen and I went down and spent some time with Corinne and the kids and had a good time.  Of course, grandpa spoiled them all with some ice cream after a long shopping trip.

Miss Piper enjoyed taking advantage of my phone and tried to make her own selfies while we were waiting on mom to pick out some shoes at Shoe Carnival.

Baby Brayden was happy as could be and cute as a button.  At only 3 months, he's really growing - he'll be a big boy!

Miss Piper found a way to keep herself entertained while we are the thrift store. She has a very good imagination!

Love these two and hope that someday they will pick up the family history research bug!  In the meantime, will just let them be adorable kids.

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