Sunday, November 01, 2015

Awaiting DNA results from oldest living relative

Several weeks ago I was able to pay a visit to my maternal great-aunt Ruby, and she agreed to help me with solving my greatest genealogical mystery, the origins of her maternal grandfather, by providing a DNA sample to be sent to FamilyTreeDNA.  I've received notification from the company that the results are being processed, and can't wait to hear back from the lab.

The irony that the results are expected back during the week of my birthday are not lost on me.  It would be quite a birthday gift if somehow her results will lead to a DNA match that could break down the brickwall of who my great-great-grandmother June's father actually was.

I've written about the family mystery before, and am hopeful that I will have many more chapters to write before it is over.  Ruby is my oldest living relative on this side of the family, and would be the closest DNA match that I could sample.  She is the only surviving child of June, and Pansy has no surviving children.  There are however, many cousins that I could test on both sides.

I've also recently received some commitments from other cousins on this same side that are willing to be tested, but don't have the financial means at this time to test.  I'm saving my pennies now to create my own DNA fund to build the project.

If I can get enough relatives on this side of the family to test, including some who descend from Ida's daughter Pansy, I'm hoping that through triangulation I can isolate the DNA segments that come from June's father, as well as determine if June and Pansy had the same father.

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