Thursday, January 21, 2016

Obituary : Mrs. Thomas Crane, Bloomington Telephone, May 7, 1924

Thanks to the folks at the Monroe County, Indiana Public Library, I was able to obtain a copy of the obituary of my maternal 3great-grandaunt, Mary Florence (Gilliland) Crane (1887-1924).  The obituary appeared in the May 7, 1924 edition of the Telephone in Bloomington, Indiana.

Mrs. Thomas Crane, at Unionville, died Tuesday afternoon of uremic poisoning after being sick 3 weeks, age 37.  The husband and six children survive, including an infant.  She was a member of the Baptist church and the daughter of Mary Gililan and sister of Mrs. Daniel Stevens of this city.
Funeral Thursday at 10 o'clock at Baptist church of Unionville and burial at Payne cemetery.
There were a couple of spelling errors on the names - her mother's name was Mary Ellen (Swafford) Gilliland and her half sister's name (Delia) was Mrs. Daniel Stivers.  Curiously, her brother William Everett Gilliland was not mentioned in this obituary.

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