Monday, January 11, 2016

Wading Into the Big Pond with AncestryDNA

I finally took the plunge into the 3rd of the major players in the DNA field and submitted a test to AncestryDNA.  I'd already tested at both 23andMe and FamilytreeDNA.  Between those two, I probably have enough data to keep me busy for years, but by testing with Ancestry, I will be fishing in the pond with the largest pool of fellow testers.

For a comparison of how the various autosomal DNA testing companies break down, please see the chart at the International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki.  They rate Ancestry's DNA users as having a medium response rate and a medium level of genealogical knowledge.  The worst response rate was from 23andMe and I managed to have pretty good results before they changed their setup.  I like how FamilyTreeDNA is set up, but they only have about 150,000 testers versus the 1 million at Ancestry.  So I'm definitely stepping into the big pond.

I'm looking forward to finding even more relatives and hopefully break down some brick walls.

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