Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Parentage of Johnathan Collins (b. 1706 Bucks Co. PA)

Received an email from a fellow descendant of Jonathan Collins (b. 1706 Bucks Co. PA) through his son Mahlon, curious as to why I had noted on an earlier blog post that Jonathan's parents were not John Collins and Mary Meachum.

Back in 2008, I had been contacted by another researcher who advised me that Jonathan's parents were not John and Mary (Meachum) Collins.  Lacking any evidence to support my claim, I detached them as his parents.  Right now I cannot locate the email or other correspondence regarding this line.

Jonathan Collins was born October 8, 1706 in Bucks County, Pennyslvania and Ann ____ in 1731 in Hardwick, Warren County, New Jersey.  Their daughter, Deborah, who married Samuel Willson, was my ancestress.

A cursory glance online shows that John Collins and Mary Meachum were from Connecticut.  It is likely that someone has confused two families online and that was where I picked up the data originally.

I am hopeful that this new correspondence can shed some light on the parentage of Jonathan and also break down some other early NJ brickwalls on this part of the family.

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