Friday, May 20, 2016

Joseph Wright's land : Madison County, Indiana

Atlas and Directory of Madison County, Indiana, American Atlas Co., Cleveland, Ohio, 1901, 

Here is a section of the plat map of Madison County, Indiana showing Section 25 where Joseph Wright had his land.  You can see by this representation that his land was located on both sides of the railroad tracks.

You can see that he had 79 acres on one side and a 39 acre piece on the other.  This atlas was from 1901 and the land that he bought from his dad in 1867 was only 80 acres, so the section to the west had been added on to by later purchases.

Notice that there was also a 40 acre parcel next to this owned by Jas. & Joseph Wright - this was Joseph's son, James.  Next door you will also find land owned by William Hicks, who was James' father-in-law.

The homestead that stood there was torn down in the late 1980s.

The farmhouse that I grew up in was located on this map in Section 36 on the parcel that was owned by Margaret Starr.  The land in Section 36 didn't come into Wright hands until approx. 1915 or so.  Will have more on that later.


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