Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Colorful Family Stories

The Monday before last, a gathering was held at my parent's house because my uncle & aunt were up from Tennessee and mom wanted to gather all of the cousins together for a cookout.  It was a gathering of first cousins on both my Lambertson and Wright side.

It was nice to see everyone again, a few of whom I hadn't seen in quite some time.  The best part of the evening for me was the chance to share some stories on the Wright side with my mom's 1st cousins.

Since the house I grew up in used to be the farm house where my great-grandparents, Virgil and Muriel (Pierce) Wright lived, the cousins had memories to share of the farm when it was a working farm as well as tales of my great-grandparents.  I have no direct memory of my great-grandparents, and the stories I've received from my mother were not the same memories that her cousins shared - partly because they grew up next door and were at the farm more.

It was interesting to hear that my great-grandfather Virgil told my great-grandmother that he had quit smoking, yet was hiding cigarette cartons out in the grain so he could smoke in the barn, to the stories of great-grandmother testing the cousins urine for blood sugar levels (diabetes runs in the family), before allowing them an ice cream treat.  Those type of stories make them a bit more colorful than just names and dates.

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