Monday, August 01, 2016

DNA: More Testing in a Different Pond

Activated three AncestryDNA kits this weekend - one for my wife and one for each of my parents.  This will be the second test for them, as they have already tested at 23andMe. Hoping that by fishing for relatives in another pond, we will discover more clues and relatives.

I was able to show mom & dad this weekend the different number of matches that I had received through AncestryDNA, including many on my paternal side.  I've already reached out to some 2nd and 3rd cousins and have encouraged them to upload their results to GEDMatch so we can compare on a chromosome browser.

I've not done much recently with my DNA results, but hope to get back into it now that my new job situation has settled down a bit.

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Grant Davis said...

It will be interesting to hear about you DNA results!