Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Family Photos Found At Alexandria-Monroe Historical Society

Sorting through some pictures I took at a visit to the Alexandria-Monroe Historical Society, I thought I would share them here.  The society has a nice collection of old local photos.  I'm looking forward to its re-opening in the spring so I can get back there and do more research.

This first photo was taken in 1954 and shows my uncle Terry, as a young Boy Scout at the new Marie Thurston Elementary school.

In the society's military room, this photograph of my maternal great-uncle, John M. High, who served on the USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor, was found:

Another photo in the military room was of my maternal great-aunt, Clara Ellen (Wright) High, who served with the WAVES during World War II:

Another photo I found while browsing at the museum was of my maternal great grandaunt, Geneva Ruth (Aldridge) Pierce when she was a little girl:

These types of wonderful photos are great finds at local historical societies.  I'm looking forward to returning to see what other gems I can add to my family history.

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