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John LeMaster : Captain of Graduate Baseball Team

"Graduate Club Forms Two Baseball Teams," The Easterner (Ball State Teachers College), 5 August 1932; online images, Ball State Digitial Media Repository ( : accessed 7 February 2015), Ball State University Student Newspaper.
Graduate Club Forms Two Baseball Teams
Another baseball league will get under way on the campus with the organization of a two-team league by members of the Graduate club.  John LeMaster of Oakville is captain of one team and Jesse England of Redkey will direct the other.  Games will be at three o'clock on Thursday.
Names have not yet been chosen, as the teams are waiting for a victory before choosing a name.  Both captains are sure of winning the series.
Members of LeMaster's team are the following men: Cushman, Deer, Osborne, Lee Settle, Hoppes, Anderson, Warner, Ritchie and Gibson.
The men on England's team consist of the following: Glancy, Peckinbaugh, Mills, Delph, Caldwell, Cromer, Logan, DeMoss, Branson, Hamilton and Corey.
This article ran in the paper of Ball State Teachers College in regards to my paternal great uncle, John Leland LeMaster (1902-1980).  He was an athlete, coach, teacher and principal in his career in east-central Indiana.  At the time of this article, he was living in Oakville, Delaware County, Indiana.  He had previously been basketball coach at Redkey.

The digital archives of Ball State University has quite a few nuggets like this of family history.

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