Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wehrly Reunion, 1920, Greenville, Ohio

Located this mention of the Wehrly family reunion at in the Muncie newspaper from 1920:

Muncie Evening Press
Muncie, Indiana
July 16, 1920, page 17
Among the relatives from this county, who will attend the Wehrly reunion to be held Saturday, August 1 at the fair grounds in Greenville, Ohio, are the following: Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Wehrly and son, William Lewis of West High street, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Wehrly of East Main street and son, Robert, Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Jackson of South Shank street, the Arthur Jackson family of South Meridian street, the Chesley LeMaster family of West High street, the Alva Wehrly family the L.C. LeMaster family and Mr. and Mrs. Levi Petry of Salamonia.
Those named were all descendants of William P. Wehrly (1845-1909) of Salamonia, Indiana.  Blaine, John W. and Alva were his sons; daughter Minerva married L.D. Jackson, daughter Barbara married L.C. LeMaster.  Levi Petry was a son of Charles Petry and Susannah Wehrly, William P.'s sister.  I would love to know who all the other members of the extended family who attended the reunion in Greenville, as my William was the youngest of the family, with many relatives in Ohio.

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