Friday, April 07, 2017

Wright Families of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio

It has been awhile,but I am working again on the Wright lines in Clermont/Brown Counties, Ohio.

I'm truly doing a 'do-over' on the information I have and am focusing on the FAN club (Friends, Neighbors, Associates) of my George Wright (1780-1853) in order to shore up the connections and understand the relationships between all of the various families.  I've created a spreadsheet to track the connected families, and would like your input.

If you recall, George Wright (1780-1853), was purported to be a son of John & Sarah (Fleming) Wright.  This John is believed to have a brother Robert Wright, who was a Revolutionary War soldier and married to Catherine Applegate.

George Wright is my target ancestor because he is the furthest direct ancestor that I can tie my Wright line to through documented evidence and not just family group sheets and conjecture.

While I have seen information put out on the web and through family group sheets connecting these Wrights to Cambridge, Massachusetts and then on into Scotland, I am re-evaluating and looking for more solid ground to stake that claim.

I have the wills of both George Wright (1780-1853) and Robert Wright (1757-1840) out of Brown County, as well as some land documents and have been extracting names of witnesses, etc. in order to try to tie out the family connections.  In future posts, I plan to examine these individuals and how they are connected to the Wrights.

Through land records, I know that George Wright's mother was named Sarah, but so far have not found a "smoking gun" that gives her maiden name as Fleming.  I'm hoping through an analysis of neighbors and associates I can better track the movement of these families and locate the information.

I hope that this analysis likewise sheds some light on the connections (if any) between these Wrights and the other Wrights in the area.

I’ve thrown out a post on a couple of Facebook message boards for Clermont and Brown counties, hoping that some other researchers would have some information as well.

If you have any additional information or are related to these families, I would love to hear from you.

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