Thursday, April 27, 2006

Today in my database : John Waller (b. April 27, 1567)

Today's featured relative in my database is my maternal 13th-great grandfather, John Waller.

John was born in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England on April 27, 1567, according to my database. I have no information on his parentage. John's wife was named Jane (maiden name unknown).

I descend from John & Jane's daughter, Anne Waller, born February 8, 1560/61 in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England.

This gentleman was totally unfamiliar to me, until I pulled him up by date of birth in my database. My line of descent from this individual is as follows:

John Waller & Jane [________]
Anne Waller & Christopher Strutt
Elizabeth Strutt & Thomas Scott
Elizabeth Scott & John Spofford
Samuel Spofford & Sarah Burpbee
Thomas Spofford & Bethiah Hazeltine
Elizabeth Spofford/Stafford & Bennett Field
Bethiah Field & Seth Pierce
Gordon Pierce & Thirsa Smalley
Francis S. Pierce & Rebecca Page
Edmund G. Pierce & Catherine Groenendyke
William Francis Pierce & Clara Pennisten
Edna Muriel Pierce & Virgil Lee Wright (my great-grandparents)

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