Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today in my database ; Samuel Woolston (b. August 22, 1768)

Today's featured relative in my database is my paternal 5th great-grandfather, Samuel Woolston.

Samuel was born August 22, 1768 in Burlington Co., NJ, the son of Samuel and Cyllania (Woolston) Woolston. Samuel married February 26, 1795 in Burlington Co., NJ to Hannah Haines, daughter of Robert and Rachel (Venicomb) Haines. Hannah was born January 21, 1768 in Burlington Co., NJ and died February 7, 1813 in Burlington Co., NJ. Samuel died November 3, 1813 in Burlington Co., NJ.

The above dates may not be correctly converted from Quaker dating, as members of the Woolston and Haines family were Quakers.

Known children of Samuel and Hannah (Haines) Woolston :
i. Anne Woolston m. Joshua Woolston
ii. Samuel Woolston
iii. Robert Haines Woolston m. Annette Maris Harrison
iv. Rachel Woolston m. Abel B. Woolston
v. William Haines Woolston m. Mary Boulton Dobbins
vi. Sarah Woolston m. William Williams
vii. Letitia Woolston
viii. John Woolston
ix. Margaretta Woolston m. Charles Haines
x. Beulah Haines Woolston m. Daniel Deacon

I descend from Samuel and Hannah's daughter, Rachel, as follows:

Samuel Woolston and Hannah Haines
Rachel Woolston and Abel B. Woolston
Caroline Bishop Woolston and Ezekiel Cooper Chew
Mary Keziah Chew and Luman Walker Lemasters
Luman Cooper LeMasters and Barbara Isabelle Wehrly (my great-grandparents)

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