Wednesday, December 27, 2006

John Moulton (b. December 27, 1755)

Today's featured relative in my database is my paternal 5th-great grandfather, John Moulton.

John was born December 27, 1755 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT, the son of Samuel and Phoebe (________) Moulton. John married July 24, 1781 in Castleton, Rutland Co., VT to Avis Hurlbut, daughter of Israel and Jerusha (________) Hurlbut. Avis was born November 11, 1762 in Woodbury, CT. John died ca. 1808 in Vermont, probably Rutland Co., VT.

Known children of John and Avis (Hurlbut) Moulton are :
i. Rebecca Moulton b. October 30, 1781
ii. Hannah Moulton b. March 2, 1783
iii. Jerusha Moulton b. June 2, 1784
iv. Rhoda Moulton b. January 15, 1786
v. Anna Moulton b. May 13, 1787
vi. John Moulton b. February 28, 1789
vii. Selah Moulton b. October 28, 1790 Rutland Co., VT., d. February 1848 St. Albans, Licking Co., OH., m. Lydia Fennel
viii. Samuel Moulton b. September 1, 1792
ix. Phoeba Moulton b. July 4, 1794
x. Betsey Moulton b. October 5, 1796
xi. Sally Moulton b. July 4, 1798
xii. Abel Moulton b. June 12, 1800 Ira, Rutland Co., VT., d. September 29, 1874 Castleton, Rutland Co., VT., m. Miriam Eaton
xii. Amanda Moulton b. May 9, 1802
xiii. Reuben Moulton b. April 13, 1804
xiv. Hurlbut Moulton b. January 4, 1808, d. 1889, m. Amy ______

I descend from John and Avis (Hurlbut) Moulton through their son, Selah, as follows :
John Moulton and Avis Hurlbut
Selah Moulton and Lydia Fennel
Albert Moulton and Emeline ________
Clara Moulton and John Adam Metzner
Cora Belle Metzner and Eli Weldon Haley (my great-grandparents)

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the identity of Reuben Moulton, husband of Mary Sheldon (b. 1803), dau. of Thaddeus and Ellis (Green) Sheldon of Poultney, VT and Hampton, NY. Reuben and Mary had two sons, William Moulton (b. 1827) and Sheldon Moulton (b. 1831).