Wednesday, January 10, 2007

August Gegenheimer Family - Jay Co., IN

Today I sourced the census data for the August Gegenheimer family in Jay Co., IN for the 1900-1920 census. August married my 2nd-great aunt Sarah C. Haley. In 1900 and 1910 he was living in Wabash Twp. but by 1920 they had moved to Wayne Twp. in Jay County.

August was a farmer and immigrated from Germany in either 1838 or 1858, depending on the census year. I tend to believe it was the 1838 year. Sarah's mother is listed as being born in Ohio on two census years, and then in Pennsylvania on the third. Sarah is the mother of 10 children, all living by the time of the 1910 census, but so far I only have the names of five in my database.

There is much more to discover about this family - not only the names of 5 children, but whether or not August was a Civil War vet. The family moved to Indiana before 1885, so they may be in the 1880 census either in Indiana or Ohio.

August Gegenheimer b. November 1842 Germany, d. after 1920 census, m. ca. 1865 to Sarah C. HALEY. Sarah C. Haley b. November 1845 Ohio, d. after 1920 census.

Children of August and Sarah C. (Haley) Gegenheimer :
i. John H. Gegenheimer b. June 1872 Ohio, d. after 1910 census
ii. Della P. Gegenheimer b. August 1876 Ohio, d. after 1910 census
iii. Lorenzo H. Gegenheimer b. March 1885 Indiana, d. after 1910 census
iv. Charles B. H. Gegenheimer b. February 1888 Indiana, d. after 1910 census
v. Arthur G. Gegenheimer b. December 1893 Indiana, d. after 1910 census


Mandy Reese said...

Hi Travis:

I just discovered your website. I am hoping you can help me? I sm doing research for my husband's side of the family and we have traced an Arthur M. Gegenheimer died Aug 7 1984 and buried in the GreenPark Cemetery in Jay County, Indiana. I know his father's name was Arthur also. I see in your blog post that you have Jay County, IN Gegenheimer's listed... have you been able to trace this line into the present day? I need to know 1984 Arthur's place of death and why he passed away. I had the library look for an obit... but there wasn't one. We don't have anymore information than that. Thank you for any direction you can provide me!

Travis LeMaster said...

Mandy - I show an Arthur M. Gegenheimer (no dates) as son of Arthur G. Gegenheimer (b. 10 Dec 1893 Jay County, Indiana), son of August Gegenheimer (b. Nov. 1842 Germany). August was the husband of my relative, Sarah C. Haley.