Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jeffrey Chew (b. January 10, 1713/14)

Today's featured relative in my database is my paternal 7th-great grandfather, Jeffrey Chew.

Jeffrey was born January 10, 1713/14 in Gloucester Co., NJ., the son of Nathaniel and Mary (Clark) Chew. Jeffrey married August 14, 1732 in Gloucester Co., NJ. to Amy Driver, daughter of John and Sarah (________) Driver. Amy was born circa 1715 and died November 3, 1773 in Gloucester Co., NJ. Jeffrey died April 10, 1774 in Gloucester Co., NJ.

This family were members of the Society of Friends - I do not know if my dates have been converted properly from the Quaker dating system.

Known children of Jeffrey and Amy (Driver) Chew are as follows:
i. Jonathan Chew b. 1733 Gloucester Co., NJ., m. Mary Sweeten
ii. Susannah Chew b. 1735 Gloucester Co., NJ.d. 1789, m. Savil Wilson
iii. Sarah Chew b. 1737 Gloucester Co., NJ., d. August 10, 1771, m. David Eldridge
iv. Jesse Chew b. November 25, 1738 Gloucester Co., NJ., d. January 31, 1812, m. Mary Richards
v. Samuel Chew b. 1740 Gloucester Co., NJ., d. March 23, 1777, m. Margaret Turner
vi. David Chew b. 1744 Gloucester Co., NJ., d. March 2, 1816 m. Hannah Stille
vii. Ann Chew b. ca. 1745 Gloucester Co., NJ., d. January 20, 1800 m. David Paul

I descend from Jeffrey and Amy (Driver) Chew through their son, Jesse, as follows:
Jeffrey Chew and Amy Driver
Jesse Chew and Mary Richards
Nathaniel Chew and Sarah Springer
Nathaniel Chew and Mary West
Ezekiel Cooper Chew and Caroline Bishop Woolston
Mary Keziah Chew and Luman Walker Lemasters
Luman Cooper LeMasters and Barbara Isabelle Wehrly (my great-grandparents)

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Lydia Minardo said...

I stumbled upon your blog late last night and I could not stop reading! I am a decendant of Charles A. W. Chew of Indiana, whose son was Herbert Chew born 1902 in Jay County Indiana, and died in 1950 in Pontiac Michigan whose daughter is F. Elaine Chew Walter (my grandmother) born March 6, 1925 in Geneva, Indiana. Her son is James Richard Walter b. April 3, 1949 in Painesville(my dad). I am Lydia Ann Walter Minardo b. November 7, 1974.