Thursday, December 25, 2008

Additional branch of the Jacobs line

It's Christmas morning, I'm the only one awake, so of course I'm working on genealogy. Going through my old files, I found an email I had saved from the JACOBS-L list regarding William JACOBS and Sybil LITTEL that has given me more leads and avenues of further research.

Back in 2005, June Jordan had written to the list regarding sorting out the data regarding the various JACOBS families in Brown County, Ohio and what she had discovered regarding William. Turns out William was not of her line, but she did an excellent job in pointing future researchers in the right direction by retracing her steps and giving sources for where she found her information.

According to her research, my William was the son of Jacob and Hannah (JOHNSON) JACOBS of Monongalia County, Virginia. Doing a quick Google search on Jacob, looks like there is quite a bit of information out there on him in the early records of Monongalia County - where he may have crossed paths with my Lemaster relatives - looks like I have some letters to write, etc.

William had at least two sisters, Rebecca who married Samuel Frazee, and Hannah who married a ________ Harbert. Samuel Frazee was a Revolutionary War veteran, as was Jacob Jacobs.

The email also gave information regarding Sybil Littel's sister, Rhoda Rilea, who was the widow of Revolutionary War veteran, Richard Rilea. Richard died 1839 in Brown County, Ohio.

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