Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Runaway Chew women

Working through some of the miscellaneous records in my files, I came across these two records that I saved from the CHEW mailing list on Rootsweb.

April 25, 1781: Gloucester County, April 23, 1781 To all whom it may concern, whereas my wife Elizabeth Chew, regardless of the Solemn obligation of matrimony, hath, during my captivity with the enemy, been guilty of the act of incontinency ....Aaron Chew

April 5, 1748; Whereas ANNE, the wife NATHANIEL CHEW, at the head of Timber-creek in Gloucester County, has disposed of some of her said husband's goods, without his knowledge, and ran him in debt; this is therefore to desire all persons not to trust her anymore on his account, not to buy any goods of her that she may offer to sale, for he will pay no debts of her contracting, nor allow of her selling any of his goods, from the date hereof. NATHANIEL CHEW

Both of these were quotes taken from the book "Runaway Women, Elopements And Other Miscreant Deeds, As Advertised In The Pennsylvania Gazette - 1728 -1789. (together with a few abused wives and unfortunate children)." Compiled by Judith Ann Highley Meier. Published by Closson Press. 1993.

I'm not sure which Aaron Chew family that this information relates to, and I believe that the Nathaniel Chew mentioned is the son of Nathaniel and Mary (Clark) Chew, who married Anne Gibbons. More research will need to be done to try to tie these records to individuals in my database. The book that these snippets were taken from sounds like an interesting read. Early newspapers are always full of juicy family tidbits.

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