Sunday, December 21, 2008

Google Books fill in the gaps

Google's Book Search has become an addictive and fruitful part of my research over the past few days. So much so that I find myself easily distracted, chasing down one rabbit hole or another.

I began by searching on the Philbrick line and came across a copy of Rev. Jacob Chapman's "A Genealogy of the Philbrick and Philbrook Families: Descended from the Emigrant, Thomas Philbrick, 1583-1687". My connection to the Philbrick family comes through my paternal 3rd-great grandmother, Emeline PHILBRICK (1820-1881) who married Albert MOULTON. As I had very little data on the family in my database, I was eager to see what this genealogy had to say. Through this genealogy, I was able to add seven more generations to this line. As I did other study on collateral lines, I was also able to learn more about colonial America and the Province of New Hampshire.

Soon I found myself searching for other collateral lines and learning about ancestors who came over during the Great Migration with the Winthrop Fleet. I finally had to remind myself to just stick with one task at a time. The good thing about Google Book Search is that you can add titles to "My Library" and go back search or browse to your hearts' content later.

The great thing about Google Book Search is that you can search in your pajamas and at any time of the day, something that is especially nice during these winter months when you don't want to venture out. They are continuing to add other libraries to their search database, and just recently added several magazines to the search capabilities, such as Life. Check it out!

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