Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cousin Kellie's Blog

My first cousin Kellie in North Carolina has been blogging about her family life and creating family history memories at her site, Country Life. Reading about her her family's adventures helps remind me that family history is more than just people and dates. It is these day to day recording of the family history that will be carried on to the next generation.

The blog does a good job of telling the story of how they live, deal with current events and their relationships with family and friends. Many years down the road this will be something her kids and grandkids can look back upon and say 'remember when?'

North Carolina has a lot of interesting history, and we share a lot of Quaker ancestry that came from areas such as Guilford and Chatham counties. I hope to someday be able to visit her and see some of the historic sites that she's chronicled in her blog.

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