Thursday, March 05, 2009

Arthur Augustus Metzner family - Jay County, Indiana

Arthur A. Metzner and family appear in the 1910 census of Bearcreek Township, Jay County, Indiana. Arthur was the son of Louis Napoleon and Henrietta (Weaver) Metzner, and my paternal first cousin three times removed.

In the 1910 census, Arthur was listed as a 31 year old farmer, who could read and write and whose home was mortgaged. He was born in Indiana, and his father was born in Ohio and mother in Indiana as well. Arthur was listed as being married for 9 years. His wife, Laura D. Reid, was listed as Lura D., a 28 year old mother of 3 children with all 3 living. She was born in Kansas, with both parents listed as being born in Indiana.

Three children were listed with the family : Vada E., aged 8; Hazel L., aged 3; and Fern D. age 1 year and 7 months. All of these children were born in Indiana. The names conflict with some other records I had previously found in the WPA indices for Jay County birth records. In those records, I had found a female born August 20, 1901; a female born June 7, 1906 and a Clara L. Metzner born September 12, 1908. While the first two could match Vada and Hazel; how Clara could be mistaken for Fern I do not know. More research in Jay County will have to be done to straighten that out.

Also living with the family in the 1910 was Arthur's mother, Henrietta, although she was listed as Harriet Metzner, aged 57, a widow born in Indiana; with father born in Pennsylvania and mother born in Ohio. Henrietta's husband, Louis, had died shortly after the 1900 census on July 3, 1900 in Bearcreek Township, Jay County, Indiana.

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