Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Who Is Your MRUA?

Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings has issued another Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge: Who is your MRUA - your Most Recent Unknown Ancestor?  Have you looked at your research files recently for this unknown person?  What offline or online sources might you search to help you identify your MRUA?

Here's mine:

Number 15 on my Anhnentafel is June Kirk DAVIS.  I do not know who her father was, but I do know that her mother was Ida DAVIS. Here is a brief outline of what I do know about her parents:

June was born June 11, 1898 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.  Her birth certificate lists here parents as Atkinson and Ida Davis.  I have found no record of an Atkinson Davis.  I had been told by my grandmother that her mother (June) was an orphan.  June was orphaned when her mother, Ida died August 2, 1900 in Clay Township, Owen County, Indiana.  June was raised by her maternal grandmother and step-grandfather, Mary (SWAFFORD) GILLILAND and her second husband Robert F. GILLILAND.  Both June and her sister took the GILLILAND surname.  June was using the GILLILAND surname when she married Clemon Beals LAMBERTSON on June 28, 1917 in Monroe County, Indiana.  June and Clemon raised their family in Elwood, Madison County, Indiana, where June died on March 20, 1951.  

Speculation in the family has been that June was illegitimate.  At the time of June's birth, Ida was divorced from her husband, Samuel G. HANCOCK, whom she had married in 1892.  I have found a record in the 1900 census for Ida D. HANCOCK, living at the "Door of Hope", apparently a shelter, in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.  June had an older sister, Pansy, who was born December 11, 1894.  I do not know if Pansy and June shared the same father.

June's mother, Ida, remarried on July 19, 1900 in Monroe County, Indiana to Carrie A. MORRIS.  Ida died on August 2, 1900 in Clay Township, Owen County, Indiana of tuberculosis.

A collection of photographs given to me by a cousin showed a mysterious Frank Fletcher, who may be June's father.  The image does bare a resemblance to some of my great-uncles.  I have previously found records of Frank Fletcher in nearby Green County, Indiana in the 1900-1920 census.  Frank Fletcher is mentioned as Pansy's father in her obituary, which states that Pansy was born in Monroe County, Indiana.

I have previously written a post about June Davis here.  I have been unable to locate her in the 1900 census, but did locate her sister Pansy, living with her grandparents in Clay Township, Owen County, Indiana.

If any has any research ideas, I would love to hear them!

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Interesting story.
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