Wednesday, December 09, 2009

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday: December 1969

These photographs were in an album owned by my father, and they show members of the extended family in December 1969.  Someone must have had a G.I. Joe Christmas that year, and everyone seems to be getting into the act.

The photo above is of my cousin, Jim Coats, giving the 'victory' sign.  I believe that all of these photographs were taken at Grandma LeMaster's house in Portland, Indiana.  

My cousin, Donna Coats, Jim's sister, was into the act, although not as involved as the others.  This chair must have been the popular spot for photos that year.


Cousin Rick Steigerwalt looks decked out and ready for for war, with a smile on his face.  I wonder what is in the package beside him?

Rick's brother, Mark Steigerwalt, is ready to launch a grenade onto the unsuspecting Christmas revelers.


Not sure if uncle Vic LeMaster is surrendering or on a suicide mission, but Sgt. York he isn't.

Looking back 40 years at these photographs, I find it interesting the toys that must have been popular, at least in my family, at the time.  This was during the height of the Vietnam War, and I wonder today how many kids will have military items under their tree this year. 

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