Friday, March 19, 2010

Grandpa Lambertson's Accident: September 10, 1917

My maternal 3rd-great grandfather's obituary from March of 1918 stated that he had suffered injuries in an automobile accident the previous September.  I managed to search the local paper the other day and found an article about Carey W. LAMBERTSON and the accident he was involved with.  Turns out it was not an automobile accident, but a wagon incident that nearly killed him.

Horse, Wagons and Driver in Serious Accident Today.
Carel [sic] Lambertson suffered painful, and possibly internal injuries, and a horse driven by him was so injured that it will die when the animal became unmanagable this morning and backed off the North F and Anderson street bridge.  Mr. Lambertson was driving a spring wagon at the time and before he could save himself he had been thrown down into the creek bottom and narrowly escaped being crushed by the wagon and horse which followed.  A piece of timber from the wagon struck the horse, entering the body and so injuring one lung that it is not believed the animal can live.  Mr. Lambertson was removed to his home where he is reported resting as well as could be expected this afternoon.
 Source: Elwood, Indiana Call-Leader, September 10, 1917, page 1

At the time of this incident, Carey would have been 70 years old.  I'm sure that this was a painful injury.  I checked the following couple of days in September, but did not find any other articles that mentioned this incident.

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Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

It's very exciting to be able to glean information like this from newspapers. In my case I was able to corroborate - and add details to - a story of my maternal great-great-grandfather who had died in a boating accident in Nova Scotia. I am still trying to track down his place of burial. The search goes on!
Evelyn in Montreal