Saturday, March 20, 2010

With A Little Help From My Friends

Thanks to the encouragement of my friends Earline from Ancestral Notes and Apple from Apple's Tree, I've added a GEDCOM to my user ID at  Hopefully others who may be researching my lines will find the information useful, and I can make even more connections. 

I decided to use a GEDCOM that includes not only my daughter's ancestry, but my stepdaughters' as well.  Hopefully, that will generate more 'hits' of potential new information and collaboration with other researchers. This tree contains more 'sourced' information than the tree I have at World Connect, which contains the whole database.

I haven't added any photographs to this tree yet, although I may in the future.  As I understand it, if I upload a replacement GEDCOM, I will lose the attached information previously added.

As my genea-blogging friends pointed out, you can never have too many places to share your tree and make connections.

© 2010, copyright Travis J. LeMaster

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