Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: More Easter Memories

Last week, I posted about my mother's recollections of Easter.  This week, I had the opportunity to ask my dad to share some of his memories.

How did your family celebrate Easter?

I remember having Easter egg hunts around the house.  The eggs had candy in them.

We would have Easter dinner out at Vera's house. [Clarence & Vera (Haley) Stuber]

Usually we got new clothes for Sunday School.

Where did you go to church?

I remember going to church at Collett, and then later at the People's Mission in Portland on Main Street.

Easter was the time of year to get new shoes, etc. 

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hummer said...

My daughter and I were just visiting about this. Traditions of Easter were a special time. I giggled when a friend asked me today if my 9 year old dress was my new Easter dress. Sometimes the paradigms carry on.

Barbara said...

Now you know what both parents did on Easter. Candy and new clothes seemed to rule. Hard to believe it was already a week ago. I bet you are glad you asked your dad about this.

Travis LeMaster said...

I truly was glad to have asked about this, as this was the first time he's mentioned going to church as a child. There is a story there, but I have to walk gingerly.

We have plans to make a trip this summer to where he grew up and have him show me where all the relatives lived, etc.