Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Groendyk Baptismal Record of New Utrecht

Thanks to Barbara Poole of Life From The Roots blog, I now have good information that places my GROENDYK / GROENENDYKE family firmly in the New Utrecht area and clears up the name of James GROENDYKE's spouse.  

A Google book search had indicated that the family was mentioned in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record in Volume 114, 1983.  Not having access to this publication, I put out an A.P.B. on Twitter, and Barbara was quick to respond.  She not only graciously copied the page that I needed, but also others that included several Dutch families that I am sure I am distantly connected with.  Now, I just get to sort it all out!

The record shows that Peter GROENDYK, son of James GROENDYK and Johanna ANTONIDES was baptized on May 25, 1800 at the Reformed Church of New Utrecht, Long Island.  Witnesses were Peter ANTONIDES and wife Ida RYDER.

My database had Peter born May 2, 1800 in New Jersey, with the source for this information being a correspondent.  There has always been a question in my mind whether James' wife was an ANTONIDES or not, and this record seems to clear this up.  I had believed that she is the daughter of Peter and Catherine (VANDERVEER) ANTONIDES.  However, Teunis Bergen in his genealogy on the ANTONIDES family states that Peter was deceased in 1796.  So, perhaps the witness is Johanna's brother, Peter?

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Barbara Poole said...

Travis, Thank you for the mention. I was delighted to help you. Let me know if I can do it again.