Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lydia Fennel (b. February 21, 1796)

Today's featured relative in my database is my paternal 4th-great grandmother, Lydia Fennel.

Lydia was born February 21, 1796 in Rutland Co., VT and married circa 1815 in Rutland Co., VT to Selah Moulton, son of John and Avis (Hurlbut) Moulton. Selah was born October 28, 1790 in Rutland Co., VT and died February 1848 in St. Albans, Licking Co., OH. Lydia died December 1869 in Licking Co., OH.

Known children of Selah and Lydia (Fennel) Moulton are as follows :
i. Julia Moulton b. January 21, 1818 Rutland Co., VT
ii. Albert Moulton b. May 10, 1819 Rutland Co., VT., d. May 18, 1864 California, m. Emeline Philbrick
iii. Edwin Wallace Moulton b. February 23, 1821 Rutland Co., VT, d. January 17, 1895 Marion Co., IA, m. Lucinda Sherman
iv. Sophia Polly Moulton b. February 27, 1823 Rutland Co., VT., d. December 7, 1907 Jay Co., IN., m. Lorenzo Sherman
v. Samuel Moulton b. May 15, 1825 Rutland Co., VT., d. December 4, 1832 Rutland Co., VT.
vi. Hariet N. Moulton b. March 4, 1827 Rutland Co., VT
vii. Edward F. Moulton b. September 17, 1829 Rutland Co., VT., d. February 23, 1876 Marion Co., IA., m. Ziltha Williams
viii. Charley Moulton b. November 12, 1832 Rutland Co., VT., d. after 1910, m. Charlotte C. ________
ix. Harvey Moulton b. July 25, 1835 Licking Co., OH

I descend from Selah and Lydia (Fennel) Moulton through their son, Albert, as follows :
Lydia Fennel and Selah Moulton
Albert Moulton and Emeline Philbrick
Clara Moulton and John Adam Metzner
Cora Belle Metzner and Eli Weldon Haley (my great-grandparents)

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