Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Funeral Record: Eli Weldon Haley (1866-1957)

Source: Eli Haley Funeral Record, Baird Freeman Funeral Home, Jay County, Indiana 1956-1958, Schindler & Saxman, ed., 1996

The Jay County Public Library in Portland, Indiana has several books of funeral home records of the Baird Freeman Funeral Home, compiled by local editors.  I was glad to find the records of my paternal great-grandfather, Eli Weldon HALEY (1866-1957).  Eli died July 14, 1957 in Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana.  His wife, Cora, had died in 1955.

I was glad to have located this record, as I found out that I had his death in the wrong month (I had it as June) in my database.  I need to go to the Health Department and obtain an official death certificate on my next visit.

Eli's date of death was July 14th at 6 a.m.  He was 91 years of age, being born March 24, 1866 in Erie County, Ohio.

His residence was listed as Madison Township, and his death occurred at the Stuber residence.  Vera (Mrs. Clarence) Stuber was his eldest daughter, and I know that they were taking care of them in their older years.

The record lists his father as George W. Haley and mother as Mary Jane Sherrick, which correlates to records that I have found.  He was buried in the Mt. Zion cemetery in a casket manufactured by the Batesville Casket Co., an Indiana company still in operation today.

I found it interesting to see the miscellaneous charges listed on the record, including charges for wires to Troy, Ohio and Cleveland(?) and a phone call to Marine City, Michigan.  I assume that these were made to notify relatives.  The phone call to Marine City, Michigan could have been to Eli's sister, Carrie Mae (HALEY) GRAVES, wife of Arthur GRAVES.  The Haley's were from the Cleveland area, so this might be to some other relatives.  I'm not sure who may have been in Troy, Ohio.  

The funeral record lists who to charge the bill to : Mrs. Clarence STUBER, Route 3 Ft. Recovery (Ohio); Mrs. Galen Miller, Muncie; Mrs. E.C. Kunce, Danville, Illinois; Mrs. Waymon Thornburg; and Mrs. Ord LeMaster.  These are the surviving children, all daughters.

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