Monday, November 01, 2010

Making progress

I updated my GEDCOM today at Rootsweb, as part of an attempt to maintain a backup of my data.  Sometimes I forget to update that database at least once per month.

Yesterday, I spent the evening sorting through a pile of genealogy notes that I had stuffed into a manilla file folder.  The file folder was bursting at the seems because there were so many pages.  A lot of these were print outs of emails, websites, etc. that I had visited as far back as 2007!  As I started reading them and extracting the information into my Rootsmagic database, I was embarrassed to discover that some information I had recently been looking for had already been in my hands for 3 years.  Bad genealogist!  

Making progress is like eating an elephant, you have to do it "one bite at a time".

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Barbara said...

Travis, lessons learned. I often research a person online, then later find out, I already had it. Isn't it the way.