Friday, November 12, 2010

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Sometimes I'm so impatient....I ordered the Flip-Pal mobile scanner for my birthday last week and it hasn't arrived yet. I placed the order on Thursday.  When I came home from work to find no package, I called the company's toll-free number to check on my order.

I spoke with a very nice customer service rep who verified that they do ship USPS, and that orders placed online take about one day to reach their shipping department.  So, that means the earliest they could have packed my order was Friday.  Then with Veteran's Day being a mail holiday it was probably delayed.  I shouldn't panic until Monday or Tuesday.....not that I'm a panicker!

It's really my fault.  I could have ordered it sooner...but I was afraid to pull the trigger because I didn't know if we could afford it.  I wanted it bad enough, so with my birthday coming it became my birthday present.

I have big plans for using this mobile scanner, and can't wait to try it out.


Barbara said...

I'm so glad I get to post a comment, because I'm the same way. I ordered some DVDs last week, and calculated they would be here Tuesday, well, not even today! It is through Amazon, which is usually excellent, so I'm not making calls. I bet you will blog about it. Read many good reviews about the product, so let us know when it arrives.

Susan Petersen said...

I ordered mine in August and was on pins and needles waiting for it. I hadn't seen the information on their web site that read "Shipping in October"! Then I settled down and patiently waited.

You are going to LOVE this little scanner. I bought a netbook carrying case that I keep stocked with extra batteries and SD cards.

In addition to scanning my old family photos, I've started removing all my own photos from those horrendous magnetic photo albums and have started scanning pics of family, friends, vacations, etc. Even at 600 dpi, this is so much faster than my flat bed scanner. And I can scan anywhere.

Looking forward to reading your review once it arrives!

Travis LeMaster said...

I'm just like a kid at Christmas - impatient!

I did just receive an email from them with a tracking number.

I'm hoping to use it to scan from old albums and use it at courthouse and libraries as well.

Amber said...

I have asked for this scanner for Christmas as I've seen several reviews on it so far. I hope it arrives soon for you and that you get lots of use out of it!