Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun With Search Terms

This past month has brought some interesting search terms to my blog.  Always fun to find out how someone finds me. These were the top search terms, according to my Blogger stats:

  • freezer slaw - Wow, Grandma Wright's recipe was extremely popular this month.  Of course, a lot of folks have cabbage on and were probably looking for a good recipe.  I hope they enjoyed it. 
  • Harry Pierpont - Not surprised at all to find his name in the list.  Harry is my bad-boy cousin, Dillinger gang leader, and only known relative to be executed via the electric chair.  Probably my main obsession of late has been tracking down newspaper articles on his early bank robbing career.  Look for more posts in the future.
The following search terms didn't get near as many hits, but they made 
  • U S Navy records online -  My May post about Ancestry posting U S Navy muster rolls online has been popular.
  • 1900 "portland indiana" -  Not surprised to find this search brings folks here, as most of my paternal ancestry lived in the Portland, Indiana area.
  • anna hunnicutt economy indiana - Don't have this lady in my database, though am familiar with the Quaker settlement there.
  • cora wehrly -  Someone was looking for my Wehrly tree, wish they would have stopped and left a comment.
  • easterday family tree -  Same with the Easterday family tree - which married into my Haley line in Jay County, Indiana.
  • open faced peach pie -  Someone was hungry, hope they liked my family's recipe.
  • ruby june lambertson - Ruby is my maternal great-aunt, and recently I posted some pictures of she and my grandmother.  Was this visitor a relative?  They didn't leave a comment.


Nancy said...

Travis, you didn't mention when those people using search terms for your own family contacted you or not. I hope they did! (If so, you probably met some more cousins this month.)

Travis LeMaster said...

Nancy, so far they have not yet contacted me. I hope they see this post and decide to write.