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Marriage Application: Pearl M. Metzner (1915)


Application is hereby made for a license for the marriage of Pearl M. Metzner to Edward H. Baumgartner upon the following statement of facts relative to said parties:

1. Full christian and surname of the woman is Pearl M. Metzner.
2. Color White
3. Where born Jay County, Indiana
4. When born Nov. 6, 1883
5. Present residence Portland, Indiana
6. Present occupation Housework
7. Full christian and surname of father William F. Metzner
8. His color White
9. His birthplace Fairfield Co., Ohio
10. His occupation Farming
11. His residence Jay County, Ind.
12. Full christian and maiden name of mother Mary A. Haley
13. Her color White
14. Her occupation Housework
15. Her birthplace Fairfield Co., Ohio
16. Her residence Jay County, Ind.
17. Has the female contracting party been an inmate of any county asylum or home for indigent persons within the last five years No
18. Is this her first marriage? Yes
22. Is the female contracting party afflicted with epilepsy, tuberculosis, venereal or any other contagious or transmissible disease? No
23. Is she an imbecile, feeble minded, idiotic or insane, or is she under guardianship as a person of unsound mind? No

Signature of applicant Pearl M. Metzner

State of Indiana, Jay County, SS:

Pearl M. Metzner deposes and says that she has personal knowledge of the facts above stated and that they and each of them are true.

Pearl M. Metzner

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 2 day of June 1915

Frank Gillespie, Clerk
Jay Circuit Court

This marriage application was signed by Pearl M. Metzner on June 2, 1915.  She was my paternal 1st cousin 3 times removed.

Ancestry.com has a record of the marriage in their database as well.

This application for a marriage license was part of the collection found at the Jay County Historical Society.  The society has made copies of many of the marriage application books, making research easier on days when the courthouse is closed.

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